My name is Katarina, I live in middle of Sweden in a small town called Nykroppa along

with my partner Pierre, our three American Staffordshire Terrier girls & one boy.


My interest in amstaff has grown since 2004 when I came in contact with the breed

for the first time.

In 2008 moved my first amstaff into the house, Sökvabäck 's Zaphira 'Gaia' and 2011 moved our second amstaff in with us, Red Icon 's Bandit Queen " Rhea ". October 2013 , we extended family again with a beautiful little girl from Poland,

Immness For Your Entertainment " Lyssa ". in december 2014 we went on a trip to pick up our first male, Model Meaker Red Mist Sola Dils "Kakan".


I'm very interested in dogs mentality. So under 2012 I developed me to "B-helper" so I'm allowed to work at the mental description(MH) we have here in Sweden. In 2013 I went to an further education to become a "A-helper". I think it's both fun and educational to be helper and even get to see how different dogs of the same breed or litter can react.


I have some plans in the future to further educate myself both in mentality and as an

general obedience instructor.



Our dogs are familymembers that lives inside our house with us!

They are allround dogs who have the will for the most things we try out but we add training focus on obedience, tracking & the newest activity rally obedience. Exhibition & DW is other we engages us in because we think it's fun!


Our dogs in future breeding should not only match with our picture of the breed standard, for us is a

pleasant mentality and good health the most important!


According to us a amstaff should be very social and playful, have a great curiosity and be fearless.